Steal Belted Radius proxy realms

o   Under [Realms] tag define a name for the realm following equals to sign with pattern
§  E.g., iptv=*PTCL-IPTV (in this example iptv is the name of the realm used to reference realm throughout configurations. On the right side of the = sign is the pattern used to match certain usernames which will be directed to this realm.
§  Create a file named realm name which is used in the proxy.ini as reference with its extension as pro.
§  E.g. we configured iptv as name in proxy.ini for the iptv realm
Enable = 1
TargetsSection = nameA
RoundRobin = 2
StripRealm = 0
RequestTimeout = 5
NumAttempts = 3
MessageAuthenticator = 0
UseMasterDictionary = yes
TargetsSection = nameA
name identifies a section called [name] that appears elsewhere in the .pro file. This section lists all the targets in a proxy realm.  When it receives a request for this proxy realm, Steel-Belted
Radius Carrier selects a target from this list. Having the TargetsSection setting available in the [Auth] and  [Acct] sections permits you to name different target selection parameters for proxy RADIUS authentication and accounting. Default value of name is AuthTargets, indicating the name of the  section is [AuthTargets].
Server = n
Server = n
where Server is the name of a server configured as a target for standard proxy
RADIUS forwarding, and n is explained in the next section.
Server must match a Proxy entry in the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier database. This
Proxy entry provides the address and shared secret for the target server. All other
settings in the Proxy entry (retry policy, proxy accounting) are overridden by the
settings that you configure in the file.
Server name is configured using SBR administration panel.

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