DOS batch file auto ftp files

DOS batch file auto ftp files

This script uploads files msg.txt and on a specified interval from an ftp client (this computer) to an FTP server on MS windows platforms.

rem display whats going on when this script runs.
@echo on

rem ftp is a MS command line FTP protocol client used to upload/download files rem via FTP protocol, -s specifies the ftp commands to be executed from ftp.src
ftp -v -s:”ftp.src”
rem then the batch file it is calling looks like this:

rem truncate/empty the msg.txt after upload.
echo. 2>msg.txt

rem log “what happpens” every time the script is execute to a file called sms.log
echo %TIME% >> sms.log


rem src.txt could be any text file that holds ftp commands
open rem ftp server’s IP address.
rem filename to upload and command/
put msg.txt
put src.txt
rem quit after above commands are executed.

To automate this process or schedule it to run on a specific time.

Start->accessories-system tools->task scheduler




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